Swim to the island

The purpose of « Swim to the Island » adventure was to experience the unique sensations felt by swimmers in the open sea facing the Everest of diving. Swimming across the English Channel! 


Julien was accompanied by his friends Maxime and Pierre-Yves on this adventure and with no doubt it was filled with uncertainties and difficulties. Despite that, it was successfully achieved: the distance of 4,9km from Bonsecours beach- Saint-Malo, to Cézembre Island was crossed in 1h20min.  


« My body was covered with a mix of Vaseline and lanoline to fight the cold; a technique that was entrusted to me during my preparations by Jacques Tuset - the first French to ever cross English Channel ».

I am going to camp at the top of the Mont-Blanc

This adventure was a project that was engaging and complicated at the same time. « At the beginning, all I wanted was to climb the Mont Blanc on my own, camp at the top, and record every single moment to produce a movie ».

But the rockfall at the «grand couloir », prohibition of climbing by the police and the GPHM, the death of two young alpinists, and the emptiness of the climbers’ base camp; all together forced me to abandon this adventure ». 


On top of the mountains as well as in the sea, we should stay humble and follow professionals’ instructions. « Mont-Blanc, will maybe allow me to climb it in 2016, but the most important thing is not reaching the top but taking the first step in the long path of becoming an alpinist ». 

#Run with sean 

Have you ever imagined yourself running with Forest Gump? Sean Conway, a British adventurer has the look of Forest and the Gump lifestyle. While running across the United Kingdom, I managed to meet up with Sean through his online GPS. Together, we ran an equivalent of 2 marathon days from Severne Bridge to Bristol.


On this adventure I had the opportunity to meet the Discovery Channel team, who were producing a movie about Sean’s trek, lifestyle and projects. This gave me a better understanding of his career as a « professional adventurer ». After a lot of beers, the two nights slept on the streets, a hitch-hike trip, I came back to France more inspired and determined to fulfill my projects.

Run USA 

After an improvised marriage in Las Vegas, I went on a Road trip in the East Coast of the United States in a Camping-Car with my colleagues from university. I did a lot of joggings, explored the streets and the casinos of Las Vegas while running, and happily sneaked between the gamblers and the luxurious cars with loud music in my ears. 


On our way to San Francisco, we passed by the Death Valley, where I ran almost a semi-marathon in the heart of Badwater. My starting point was the ultra-trail Badwater considered as one of the most difficult races in the world.


With the intense heat, tarred road and Wild West Atmosphere; we ended up doing a round-trip on the Golden Bridge…I am drowned in happiness. 

Is it maybe the American dream? 

Orne: From the source to the sea

It was the desire to be in the heart of nature, to have some tranquility, and to explore « local » elements that pushed me to visit Orne. Accompanied by Maxime, we were fighting vegetation blocking our path and the several maneuvers slowing us down in winter weather. 


Over a wood fire, we enjoyed some canned food and observed the world. I was on my own for the next three days trying to sail my canoe, Havana Touque. I ended up drowning twice, once in a barrage and another time in rapids. In addition to that I ended up without my paddles with soaked wet clothes and equipments. Facing all that and cold weather I had to abandon this adventure.


Ultramarathon: 100km 

Running non-stop a 100km in 15H29min was achieving my objective of going beyond myself and trespassing the limits that we set to ourselves or that the society, implicitly, had settled, for us. A 100km run to unveil and explore my potential and my mental and physical capacities.


The body and mind go into another dimension, an inner journey, an honest personal introspection allowing self discovery. Pleasure and sharing were the watchwords of this adventure. 

The sole boundary between our dreams and reality is us! The hardest thing is persuading ourselves that we do have what it takes to succeed. Today, I have a dream of running, non-stop, 200km through Brittany while sharing my philosophy and enthusiasm. 

First Marathon

« You won’t make it! » Nothing is better than adversity to motivate yourself!

The Marathon is a symbolic track, where we push our body to its limits and get exposed to intense physical reactions: I passed from euphoria, tears, to exhaustion and joy. 


A true human and sporting challenge shared with other runners. A definite triumphal finish: fulfilled and happy in the arms of my friends. I will never forget my 1st Marathon, finished in 4h48min. I strongly recommend this experience that can literally transform you. 


A solo climbing of the Himalayas

Himalaya is known for being a mystic savage land perfect for adventure; and trust me it is the case! It is the worlds and alpinists well-known mountain that I decided to reach: Stock Kangri. There is no pre-defined passage it is all about trekking summit. The difficulties lie in the high altitude and crossing the Iceberg. I suffered for many days from acute mountain sickness which obliged me to abandon the first time. 

Determined to put the gwenn ha Du at the top, I gave it another shot respecting the acclimatization. I left the base camp situated at a 4950m altitude on the 24th of August at 2h00 in the morning. Without any guidance but the glittering snow peak, I was determined. After 6h00 of effort, passing two crevasses, many self-talks, and several slips my crampons reached the top.

                  Stock Kangri 6153m

Cycling India

Going down the Himalayan mountain on a full speed exceeding 40 km sometimes… Zigzagging between the heavy nights of New Delhi’s peripheral, meeting the local people, racing with military convoys, elephants blocking the way, or even sequester and death threat etc.

Crossing from North India of Leh to New Delhi was not easy at all. It was a rich experience filled with joy and anxiety, encounters and solitude. Accompanied by my loyal bicycle « Gost Rider » decorated with a horse’s skull, I crossed the 1400 km in 14 days



« Alone at the trimaran helm we left the Morbihan’s gulf, I enjoyed the luff to gain speed and took off at more than 18 knots to the south ». 

Sailors easily meet at Saint-Malo over a beer and passionate discussions; this embarked me aboard a 50 ft trimaran. In the company of the skipper Julien Mabit, we took part in the regatta of Port Médoc where the Multi50 class competes.


It was the beginning of a true human adventure, Julien Mabit dreams about competing at Route du Rhum. With enthusiasm and determination, I offered to help in his project. As a result, he won the third place class Rhum. 

Following that, I had the occasion of taking part and realizing a project called Vendée Globe with Servane Escoffier and Louis Burton.


These sailors transmitted to me a great positive energy that thought me how to undertake without giving up and work hard to turn my dreams into reality.


« Enzo, Mio palmo! » The Big Bleu profoundly marked my childhood; I watched that movie over 30 times.


Apnea, silence, depth, inner calm, and free diving exploration of wrecks are literally a great pleasure! Imagine yourself slowly diving at 20 meters depth, entering a shipwreck from World War II through the hole created by the explosion of a torpedo… Simply Magical! 

From the wreck of P29 and P31, the HMS Maori, to the exceptional natural sites such as « the blue home » or « Azure Window », Malta can only be defined as a true paradise. After 2 months of practice, I was able to dive at a maximum of 25 meters and stay 3 to 4 minutes snorkeling. 

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