About Ju

                           Base Camp n°2 - Stock Kangri - Himalaya - 2013

Julien Moreau is a young Breton from Saint Malo- a corsair city. Land of sailors and explorers such as Jacques Cartier, Saint-Malo inspires and arouses nothing but adventure.

Since his younger age aboard his family boat, Julien discovered the joy of travelling and thrill of outdoor sporting activities. From Brittany’s shores, to the Arctic Circle, reaching the Himalayan chain, he travelled to discover the best that this world could offer. 

After helping out in the construction of a school in India, he decided to go on a 6153m climbing adventure. This transcendent experience was the beginning of a new passion «The Chase of adventures». 

Back to France, it was with enthusiasm and determination that he engaged in several adventurous sporting projects, ultra-marathon, open-water exploration on a canoe, and attempts to climb Mont-Blanc etc. Throughout these unique adventures, Julien met Antoine Aoun, Sean Conway, Dave Cornthwaite, Catherine Barroy, Phillipe Moreau, and Jamie Mc Donald who inspired him in his projects. Moreover, it gave him a new perspective of adventures where they are perceived as an exchange of meaningful experiences.

Holding a Masters degree in International Events Management, he entered the working life and searched to give more meaning to his actions. He is conscious and sensible not only about the Planet but Humanity as a whole. Julien wishes to act in favor of protecting the environment. « We should be proactive and consider Man and Nature as the most essential problematic today ».

Convinced that « The Adventure » is an important and powerful medium that can positively influence the world, Julien seeks in 2016 to collect 10 000€ for the NGO Naturevolution through the organization of several events.


The keywords that reveal the true essence of the adventure, a positive state of mind, curiosity and relentlessness are Explore, Dream & Create. 

« Let us be the change we want to see in the world » Gandhi